2-Turn Airplane ‒2-Turn J stick / Airplane
2-Turn Airplane ‒2-Turn J stick


ParkerYu / 2018-06-25 31

WOF2018 Fujiwara Issei Cup Trick

⑤ 2-Turn Airplane ‒2-Turn J stick
02:24 ~ 02:56

① Stilts-Stuntplane
② Eddying Current Candle (Whirlpool Candle)
③ Hanging Downspike
④ Hanging 2-Turn Lighthouse ‒ 2-Turn Lighthouse-flip
⑤ 2-Turn Airplane ‒2-Turn J stick
⑥ Spacewalk 1-Turn Lunar
⑦ Around the galaxy
⑧ Slip grip special-Base cup stall
⑨ Tap airplane-1.5-trade spike
⑩ Inward Lunar-Lunar-Lighthouse-Fall in (or Lunar-Inward Lunar-Lighthouse-Fall in). Barrel role will be accepted.
11 Super Flamingo Spacewalk
12 Airplane ‒ Tap Reverse Jumping Stick

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